Friday, February 29, 2008

Goodbye for now

Early tomorrow morning (5:00 am to be exact) we'll be boarding the bus and heading out for our next adventure. We'll be heading to Mdumbi where we'll hopefully get to know ourselves better...literally since we're going to be doing part 2 of our Knowing Yourself module.

The reason that I'm writing this now (before we actually do it), is that for all parents and significant others who are used to hearing from your child or boyfriend or girlfriend (or whatever relationship you have with one of the students on Site on site 2) on a regular basis (and for all of those who wish you'd hear from your child more often), it might be good for you to know that we will not have internet or cell phone reception for the next week. Know that we still love you a lot.

The following photos are a preview of the write-up that will be coming about our time here in J-Bay.

Rachel looking beautiful on her horse

Mei-Lin and Simon

Mei-Lin, Jen, Sean, Gabe, Sabrina and Carla looking totally pro

Gabe picking up his board and heading out for another round

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