Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The weekend at Bonnievale was a nice weekend of relaxation and activity; we did things like swim, swing off a rope swing into the water, canoe, a climbing wall, a high ropes course and just hang out and enjoy the wilderness. There were tents and tarps set out, but a lot of us chose to embrace the wilderness and sleep out under the stars. I have to say that there was something beautiful about spending the weekend sleeping outside, eating meals that were cooked over a fire and enjoying the nature that God created.

Another great thing about the weekend was that we were there with Site 3 and it was great to see them again and swap stories of all that we’ve experienced so far.

We left Bonnievale at 5:00 on Sunday morning…now you might be wondering why we had to leave so early…it was because we had a little stop to make along the way. After a five hour bus ride we made it to Bloukrans Bungy, which we were told, at 216 metres, is the highest bungy in the world…although there seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding that. Regardless, it was freakishly high. It’s funny though because although everything inside of you tells you it’s ridiculous to jump off of a bridge and you’re foolish for doing it (in fact, you may be reading this and fully agreeing with those thoughts), there is something beautiful about soaring through the air and seeing the beauty and hearing the silence that surrounds you.

Written by: Dave Toews and Sabrina Wiens

Dave going off the rope swing

Jodie and Joanne doing the high ropes course

Michelle walking the rope like a pro

Corey climbing the wall

The view that we had while sleeping's surprising how bright the moon can be

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